Oil in Your Intellectual Lamp?

When it comes to learning, I meet people all the time who are living in neutral. I even had someone tell me that once they got out of school they made a vow to never pick up another book.
The old adage leaders are readers is an old adage for a reason. Namely, because it is true.
All week I have used the words of Mother Teresa as a spring board for our blog. Her quote, “In order to keep the lamp burning, you have to keep putting oil in it,” certainly applies to our intellectual lamps.
I have always believed that the more I am reading, the more I have to say. It is the principle of the sponge. What is on the inside will come out when you squeeze.
I hope you are filling your mind with good literature.
Right now I am reading four different books on a variety of topics. I also like to read a portion from the Bible every day, as well as many blogs and articles.
What you read might not be as important as that you read. Why? Because reading stimulates thinking and creativity.
Read from a wide variety of authors. Read different types of literature. Read old as well as new material. And by all means, don’t feel guilty if you don’t finish every book. If the book can’t hold your attention, move on to something that can. I estimate that I only finish about half of the books I start. The average book only holds the attention of the reader for 18 pages … at least that’s what I read recently.
You have too much potential to neglect your personal growth. There are too many people counting on you for you to simply cruise. Pick up a book every day and see if your message doesn’t become more relevant.
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Graduation is right around the corner. Pick up a copy of Finding Your Way and make an investment in the next generation.


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