I have a friend who is concerned about me.  He recently asked, “All of this blogging and where does it lead?”

Good question.

His worry comes from the fact that I told him my goal is to write a blog every weekday over the next year.  He asked me where I am planning to find 250 ideas that are blog worthy.  He knows I am not that smart.

If I let myself dwell on such a question, fear would cause me to quit.  But the truth is, I don’t need 250 ideas.  I only need one.  Today’s idea is the only one that matters.

You are no different.  If you focus on how much you have to do in the coming year, chances are, you will be overwhelmed.  But take it one day, one assignment, one act of discipline at a time and it is doable.

People finish marathons because they first conquer a mile.  Books are written one page at a time.  Companies are grown customer by customer.  Championship teams are built by simple mastery of fundamentals.

If you want to be successful in achieving your goals, think and act incrementally.




Do you agree or disagree with this “idea?”


repost from 10.19.10