It is amazing what can happen when someone takes a step . . . One small step.

Over the weekend, we were all reminded of the power of this principle by the death of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.

I was fascinated as I listened to the recordings of Apollo 11, from that historic moment in July of 1969.

Armstrong’s words, “The Eagle has landed,” were uttered only because someone was willing to take a step toward a dream. The challenge had been given back in 1961 by, then President, John F. Kennedy. During a speech, J.F.K. raised the possibility of someone, one day, walking on the moon.

A space program took a step, and less than a decade later, the unthinkable happened. Armstrong took a much bigger step. Arguably, one of the most important steps ever taken by a human being.

When Neil Armstrong took that step and set foot on the moon he spoke some of the most famous words that were spoken during the 20th century. “That’s one small step for man . . . one giant leap for mankind.”

Armstrong’s words remind me that giant leaps take place only because small steps are taken. I have a hunch there are still some giant leaps you would like to take. I say, “Go for it!”

As you consider your own dream, it might seem as impossible as a group of men landing on the moon. Well, guess what? It is not impossible. In fact, it happened. And the good news is, it can happen again in your own life.

“How,” you ask?

That’s easy . . . One small step at a time?



Where do you need to take a step this week?