One Thing You Better Get Right

One of the biggest responsibilities a leader has is the selection of personnel.  You miss today on picking a team member and you set yourself up for future frustration and ultimately failure.

Last night I spent some time watching the NFL Draft.  Talk about an exercise in team building!

I am not a draft expert, but I have built several teams through the years.  And one thing I have learned is you better have a philosophy of hiring / recruiting and you better be true to it.

Several teams seemed to do some reaching last night when it came to the players they selected.  Others made good solid decisions based on the available information.  Translation = Look for the usual suspects when playoff time rolls around the next couple of years, and look for the Browns and Bengals to struggle as usual.

The best piece of advice I can give you is, hire “who” over “what” every time.

Why?  Because team selection is “one thing you better get right.”



What advice would you give to someone who is selecting a new team member?

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