For me, 2010 started with a great reminder.  Namely, make sure you are listening to One voice.  Failure to do so can lead to wandering around in circles!

On New Year’s Day my family and I had the chance to attend a Harlem Globetrotters game in Nashville.  Over the years, not much has changed with the clown princes of the hardwood.  A bunch of new players, but the same old gags.  It was great to introduce my kids to hoops trickery at its finest.

At halftime they played a little game of hot and cold with a kid out of the audience and that is when I learned the lesson of listening to One voice.  The kid was blindfolded on one baseline of the court, and then they placed a prize pack with a Globetrotter jersey on the opposite end of the court near a corner.

The crowd was then instructed to yell “hot” or “cold” at the kid depending on how close or how far away he was to the prize pack. What happened next was chaos.  4,500 gargled voices screaming at an 8-year-old.  The kid struggled to distinguish hot from cold and therefore spent the next three to four minutes running around in circles.  I sat there and thought to myself, “If everyone would just be quiet and let the kid’s Dad do the talking, he could pick up his prize and we could get on with the second half.”

For many people life is a lot like that game of hot and cold.  They wander around through life listening to a myriad of voices and never get to their destination.  They look for the latest and greatest idea or strategy and start copying it until the next voice comes along.

Too many voices will clutter your mind and heart.  Great leaders listen to One voice!

As you begin a new decade of leadership I encourage you to pay attention to the voice of your Creator.  He has given you a book called the Bible.  It is full of instruction and addresses every area of your life.  My guess is that if you will listen to this One voice you will be much more focused and more likely to achieve your goals.

This will not be easy, but it is doable.  The voices of others will not simply go away.  They will still bombard you as you attempt to lead.  You just need to learn to recognize the voice of your Heavenly Dad and pay attention to it alone.  He will not lead you astray.

May 2010 be a year of laser focus for your leadership, and may it begin with you making it a priority to listen to the One voice.