In his new book, The Advantage, writer Patrick Lencioni says, “A healthy organization is one that has all but eliminated politics and confusion from its environment. As a result, productivity and morale soar, and good people almost never leave . . . . the smartest organization in the world, the one that has mastered strategy and finance and marketing and technology, will eventually fail if it is unhealthy . . . . but a healthy organization will always find a way to succeed, because without politics and confusion, it will inevitably become smarter and tap into every bit of intelligence and talent that it has.”

So how is your team doing? Have you eliminated politics and confusion? Is productivity on the rise and morale soaring, or are things headed south?

The leaders job is to make things clear, eliminate the silos, and to tap into the talent and intellect of the team.

Do that and you and your team will “find a way to succeed.”

That’s what healthy teams do!





What is the most important thing a leader can do to encourage organizational health?