My favorite button on my DVR remote control is the “Pause” button. That button has changed my life. No longer do I have to miss a moment of a big game. Hungry? No problem . . . I simply push, Pause.

The dictionary defines Pause as, “A temporary stop in action.”

As leaders we are all about action. To do lists, goals, metrics, meetings, and projects all litter our schedules. If only there were a pause button on our lives . . . A way to stop the action.

Songwriter Ronnie Freeman’s song, Come to the River, has a line, “Say goodbye to everything That silences the songs you love to sing.”

Too many leaders don’t make time to sing anymore. They have lost their passion. Not even Red Bull can solve their energy crisis.

So how about you?

What are the songs you love to sing? Do you dream of . . . Writing a book? Learning to play an instrument? A fishing trip? Reading by the fire? Physical fitness? Strengthening a relationship?

More family time?

The hardest person you will lead is you. The songs need to be sung. The action needs to temporarily stop.

Is it time for you to . . . Pause?



When is the last time you took a Pause?