I love basketball. In my opinion, it is a great place to learn and teach leadership. Through the years, I have had the joy of coaching several teams. From experience I can tell you there is a major decision that every coach faces . . .

Do I play my five best, or my best five?

Basketball coaches face the same temptation that other leaders face. Namely, to play their five best. That can be a mistake.

If you want to accomplish your mission, hit your target, or win the game (however you want to say it), you better learn to identify your best five.

The “best five” is simply a metaphor for identifying the people who work best together. Most people refer to this team concept as having chemistry with one another.

In basketball or business, teamwork defeats talent.

Don’t get me wrong. Ability matters, and you should do everything you can to attract and develop great talent.

But if you have to choose. Choose chemistry.

Do you want to take your leadership to another level. Then start by playing your “best five.”




What is your favorite example of team over talent?