As we say in Atlanta, Rise Up!

On Sunday, when Matt Bryant’s 49 yard field goal split the uprights to give the Atlanta Falcons a last-second 30-28 playoff victory, I must admit, I was excited.

What must have been going through Bryant’s mind as he lined up for the deciding moment of the season?

In a radio interview the day after the game, Bryant was asked if he was nervous. His comment was a great reminder to leaders everywhere.

“I wasn’t about to have a heart attack, if that’s what you’re asking, but my heart was racing. I knew it was a big kick.” 

That’s putting it mild.

When asked how he handled the pressure, Bryant said, “I just tried to remember all the preparation I had done leading up to that moment. It gave me confidence to think back on all the thousands of kicks I had made during practice. I simply tried to transfer my preparation into the process of making the kick.” 

Great performance has more to do with preparation than it does with handling pressure. Pressure rises when preparation is absent. Think back to your school days. Did you ever dread taking a test when you knew all the answers? No. Have you ever shied away from a challenge when you knew you were stronger than your opponent? Probably not.

If you are facing a challenge in the coming months, knowing that pressure will likely be present, you can lessen the dread if you will simply, prepare.



Where do you need to step up your preparation in the coming month?