Questions for November

Are you ready for November? It can be a great month of influence if you will approach your leadership with intentionality. Hopefully, the following questions will help …

  • What is the #1 thing you need to communicate with your team in the coming month?
  • What is the one area where you need to finally discipline yourself to accomplish the goal you have been putting off?
  • What is one system that needs to be scrapped & revamped?
  • What is your top physical goal for November (the holidays are coming)?
  • Who needs some one on one time with you?
  • What is your top priority at home over the next few weeks?
  • What is one thing you could do to raise the morale of your team?
  • Who needs a word of encouragement or appreciation?
  • What are you committed to reading that will help you grow as a leader during November?
  • What would make the list of things you are most grateful for during this Thanksgiving season?

The quality of your November will come down to how you answer these questions and what you do with your answers.
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Only you can do self-leadership. Why not take some time today and work on an intentional approach for November and then live and lead with a focused mindset?
Leadership Begins at Home,
What other questions would you add to my list?  
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5 years ago

Great list, Randy – thank you!
How about this one:
“How can I be a blessing to others this November?”


5 years ago

Thanks, Eric!

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