Quiet Please

Good leaders know when to speak and when to stay silent. They understand the importance of listening and watching.

Your job as a leader is not to solve every problem. Your job is to discover solutions.

Chances are, there is a solution waiting to be discovered by listening to a teammate. By seeking to collaborate. By brainstorming instead of bulldozing.

The Bible says, “Be slow to speak and quick to listen.”

Heed those words and you might find that others are more interested in what you have to say.



Do you think it is more natural to be a talker or a listener? What are the keys

to being a good listener?

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9 years ago

Wow, do I ever need this reminder. At what frequently feels like days going by at breakneck speed, it is so difficult to remember to stop, reflect, and listen. The results of knee jerk reactions to questions, problems, and challenges go deeper than what meets the eye. Poor leadership behavior like this stymie’s learning, breaks down confidence slows progression and possesses the ability to ruin a company’s culture. Today’s post is a great reminder that God gave us 2 ears and one mouth for obvious reasons.  
Thanks for the reminders


9 years ago

Great comment. Thanks Mike!

Dan Black

9 years ago

I have observed more leaders who like to talk instead of taking time to listen. I think intentionally focusing on the other person is a important factor to listening to them. Good reminder today. 


9 years ago

Thanks Dan

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