Occasionally I meet someone who is great at starting things. Need a project, a startup, new team, a fresh initiative, the starter is the one to call. But I have a question.

Where are the people who are good at quitting things? Now before you go and call my dad and tell him I suggested it’s okay to be a quitter, hear me out.

From the time we are kids, it is ingrained in us that we should never quit. While I agree with the value of perseverance, which is hopefully what your parents and teachers were trying to instill in you . . . I also believe there are times when you should quit.

Quitting Time can be a valuable tool in your leadership arsenal, and I am not referring to going home at the end of the day (although I highly recommend that too).

In his book, Necessary Endings, Dr. Henry Cloud makes a case that sometimes we have to admit that more effort is not going to bring about a different result. “That is the moment, when someone gets it and knows that something is over.”

Cloud goes on to say, “You have seen the scene in the movies when the patient dies, the doctor looks up at the clock, quotes the time of death, breathes a heavy sigh, pulls off her gloves, and walks out the door. The doctor has done everything in her power to avoid this outcome, but when the monitor goes to the steady beep, she accepts what is normal, albeit unwanted, and moves on to save the next life.”

When it comes to your leadership, where are things flatlined? Where there is no pulse?

Oh, you have out the paddles and you are giving it all the energy you can muster, but the truth is, it is time to pull the plug and move on to the next big thing.

I have news for you. The next big thing (your dream) will never become a reality unless you choose to free up the time, energy, and resources to make it happen. And that means you will have to quit something that is draining time, energy, and resources now.

It is time to look at the clock and quote the time of death for something you have been keeping on life support. What is it? Only you can answer that. Do it today.

Your dream awaits, but only if you are willing to quit.



What do you need to quit today?