Receiving Correction

Recently I had a chance to see someone launch a new business. The event was less than perfect, to say the least.

As I walked away from the grand opening, I couldn’t help but wonder about the future of the venture. Will he make it, or will he crash and burn?

The answer to that question lies somewhere inside the truth of Proverbs 29:1 which says: “Whoever stubbornly refuses to accept criticism will suddenly be destroyed beyond recovery.”

Mr. Startup has a great product, a huge demographic, and is meeting a big need. But all of that will be irrelevant unless he learns from his opening day mistakes.

When it comes to criticism, how are you receiving it these days? If you are like most people, you probably try to avoid it. I say, don’t. In fact, lean into it and see if you can learn how to raise your performance.

Constructive criticism can be one of your best opportunities to grow as a leader.

There is an old saying, “Constructive criticism is when I criticize you. Destructive criticism is when you criticize me.” Don’t buy in to that kind of thinking. If someone cares enough about you to offer some sound advice, be willing to see if you can find a nugget of truth and make the necessary adjustments.

Recently a friend of mine pointed out an area where I need to make progress. While it was hard to hear, I tried to learn from what he said to me. The reality is my friend was only trying to help me improve. If he didn’t want to see me succeed he would have kept his comment to himself.

I am glad he spoke up. I don’t want to be the guy who ignores or avoids criticism. To do so is to bring about my own peril … Not very smart.

May we all become wise leaders who are willing to be truth tellers to one another. But even more so, may we become truth receivers.

Learning from the input of others is a sign of wisdom.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Why do you think it is so hard for a person to receive correction?

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7 years ago

Great word, Randy!!
Sadly, it is very rare to find people who are not only willing to speak constructive criticism, in love and seasoned with salt – but to receive it as well. Maybe it’s because of the PC world we live in – who knows?
However that is a great reminder today. Thank you for your leadership.


7 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement KB!

Coach Brown

7 years ago

We offer criticism out of one mouth, but receive criticism in stereo with two ears!


7 years ago

Very true coach!


7 years ago

I have made it a habit of hearing what others have to say. Someone else might have a better idea or way of doing things. You never know what you can learn or how you can improve, unless someone is willing to point it out. So I try to be objective and hear what others have to say.
It is hardest coming from my boss. Sometimes I take his comments as a negative criticism when instead it is really meant to help me grow and improve. As I have learned this and accepted it our relationship as improved…
Thanks Randy…


7 years ago

That’s great, Jason. Thanks!


7 years ago

Accepting “criticism” or “re-direction” from someone who has earned our respect can be painful but it is acceptable and appreciated. Criticism from someone who has lost our respect or has never bothered to earn it, is hard to accept. Does that person have our well being at the core of this “criticism”?
Each may have a nugget of truth and is worthwhile in it’s own way. It takes some humility and some soul searching to accept criticsm and find that nugget.


7 years ago

So true, Richard. Thanks for the comment!

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