Without being morbid, may I remind you there will be a last time that you will have the opportunity to talk to each of your family members.

What if you knew your next time would be your last time?

While your next time might not be your last time, the truth is you only have one shot at each moment – Oh how I wish declaring a Throwback Thursday would really take me back.


A while back I read an interesting challenge from blogger, Phil Bolsta. It was a great reminder about how important it is to relish the moments you have with your family.

Bolsta writes, Imagine that earlier in the day you got the news that your loved one had passed away suddenly. If that had actually happened, you would have given all you owned to sit with them like you’re sitting with them right now — to hold their hand, to look them in the eye, to say “I love you” one more time. What a gift, what a miracle that would be! And yet, that same experience barely registers in the course of an ordinary day.”

He goes on, Why wait until something tragic happens to reframe the way you look at your loved ones? Never forget that each time you see or talk to a loved one, you are treading on holy ground. Remember this little exercise in perspective every time you interact with those you love. Savor each encounter and recognize it as an outright miracle cloaked in the guise of an ordinary moment.

Leadership really does begin at home. It starts with not just being there, but really “being there” – fully engaged, totally present, and thoroughly interested.

If you find yourself unbalanced in your home life, maybe it is time to “reframe” the way you look at your loved ones.

Why not treat your next conversation like you would if you knew it was your last?

Leadership Begins at Home,


Why do you think it is so hard for leaders to maintain a balance between work and home?

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