Occasionally you find yourself in that place. The place where everyone wants to be. Only, not everyone wants to be there. Just the people like you.

Relevant is subjective.

On Monday night, it seemed pretty straight forward to me as I sat in a packed Georgia Dome watching my favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, take on my favorite player, Peyton Manning, in a Monday night showdown.

Wasn’t the whole world watching? Didn’t the buzz penetrate every household?

Truthfully, no.

As hard as it might be for me to believe, millions opted for Pinterest instead of ESPN, and there were more people listening to music on iPods than there

were watching Matt Ryan lead the Falcons to victory. People painted, tuned into reality TV, played tennis, and read books.

Yes, relevant is definitely subjective.

As a leader, give some thought to what it means to be relevant today. Today is the key word in that sentence. You might even think of today and relevant as synonyms. In other words, yesterday’s systems, teams, methods, and facilities might not bring you sustained success. And tomorrow’s dreams cannot be realized until tomorrow.

Today is the day that matters. It is the only day you have.

As you lead today, don’t try to be relevant to everyone – You never will. But you can be relevant to some, and I’m certain you can be great. Focus on those who are listening to your leadership voice and be HUGE for them.

After the game on Monday night I drove my daughter 80 miles back to her campus and then another 90 miles home. I arrived at 3:15 in the morning. That might sound crazy to you, but at the end of the day, I was with my sports buddy, watching my favorite player, and my favorite team win. Who wouldn’t stay up half the night for that kind of Monday magic?

Probably the Pinterest crowd. They were too busy posting pictures and craft ideas.


Case closed . . . relevant is subjective.



What would you stay up half the night to do?