Resources Don’t Guarantee Results

There is an old saying . . . “Money Can’t Buy You Happiness.”  This year’s Major League Baseball playoffs are showing us how true that statement is.

The vaunted New York Yankees and their 200 million dollar payroll were eliminated by the Detroit Tigers last night at Yankee Stadium by a score of 3-2.

The fact that the Tigers were even in this series is proof that results are not solely dependent upon resources.  The Tigers payroll is barely half that of the Yankees.

The second highest payroll in baseball is owned by the Philadelphia Phillies.  They are on the brink of elimination themselves in their series with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Their deciding game will be played tonight.

The question I have is, how can the two highest payrolls be equaled by teams spending half the money?

Could you imagine trying to run a successful business knowing that you had only half the facilities, staff, and payroll that your competition had?

If that is what you are facing, I have good news for you.  “Resources Don’t Guarantee Results.”

Having a great mission, solid execution, assembling the right team, and great leadership will defeat resources every time.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask the Yankees.





Who is your favorite to win the World Series?


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10 years ago

Good reminders, RG. I’m going with the Braves. Oh wait, our highest resourced pitcher couldn’t produce results either. Maybe next year.


10 years ago


Derek Lowe

10 years ago

They should give half their salaries back!


10 years ago

maybe next year Derek

Stephen LaFond

10 years ago

Great post! How true it is, it has to come from the heart to get the job done! Teamwork and execution, I know here, if we don’t communicate and work together we will not succeed on a daily basis like we do! We have something called pay for performance at the end of the year. I would love to see professional sports pay like that, oh, wait, the unions would never let that happen.
Thanks again!
God Bless


10 years ago

thanks Stephen. So true!

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