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Our resources have helped thousands of leaders around the world to win at work and at home. From books to field guides, and video series to self-assessments, we've got many ways for you to start your self-development journey on your own schedule, at your own pace. Our resources are the backbone of our courses, coaching, and speaking, and you can find them all at (3)


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Webinars are among our favorite ways to train entrepreneurs on important concepts and skills for their business. Pat leads our strategy webinars. Other members of our team lead our “SmartBar” skills and tools webinars.

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Pat Flynn

Join Pat Flynn to learn how to create a successful affiliate marketing program (without being salesy or sleazy)! Pat will share the strategies he has used to build an ethical affiliate marketing program. You'll get advice on how to get started with affiliate marketing, and once you have a program, how to make the most of your campaigns. Plus, you'll get a special bonus, Pat's Affiliate Marketing Recipe Book!