A while back, a friend sent me a tweet from writer Max Dubinsky.

“Adventure is dangerous but routine is lethal.” 

When I read those words, my mind went into “two sides of the same coin” mode.

I assumed Max wrote the tweet to encourage his followers to live an adventurous life and to avoid the doldrums of being average. Both of those lines of thinking have elements of truth. Adventure is dangerous, and playing it safe can literally suck the life out of you.

But consider the other side of the routine coin. It is called discipline. In that regard routine can be lethal to your competition.

The best teams are the ones that do routine things better than their opponents. They ruthlessly practice fundamentals, recognizing that the ability to execute under pressure is tied to mastery of the little things.

If you want to do something dangerous this week, try going back to the basics.

Why? Because “routine is lethal,” in more ways than one.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What routines can give a leader an advantage over the competition?

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