Review and renew if you want to be a fully engaged leader.  But don’t forget to discover along the way.

The paradox of discovery is that it often appears to have very little to do with your area of expertise.  However, “discovering” an interest or talent outside of your normal role can be a great energy booster to your leadership.

Some of the healthy leaders around me consistently put this principle of discovery into practice.

A friend of mine who focuses much of his leadership in the area of finance is a gifted guitar player and musician.  Another friend of mine, who is a counselor by trade, does stand up at local comedy clubs.  The worship leader at my church is a wanna be rapper and video producer.  Check out his latest creation that debuted in our services this past weekend @  It’s a cool church!

These guys are great leaders.  They all bring great energy to their leadership roles.  The reason?  They have practiced the discipline of discovery.

If you find yourself checked out emotionally on your leadership role or in other areas of your life, discovery might be the missing element.

Find a way to release your hidden talents and you will be able to sustain your level of engagement.

Take it from Milk Dud in the above link.  When it comes to discovery, “There’s a Place for You.”



What is something you like to do in your free time that energizes you?