Leadership engagement becomes harder over time.  Achievement leads to distorted thinking which leads to complacency.  Much like a lasting marriage the tendency is to let passion wane.  What’s a leader (or spouse) to do to stay interested?

A powerful tool that is available to all leaders is the ability to review.  The more you are able to intentionally stay connected to your vision, the more likely you are to stay passionately engaged in the process of living it out.

Things to review:

  1. Your Mission – A seminal phrase or idea that you burn to communicate needs to be identified.  You have a leadership voice.  Once you discover it, review it everyday and remind yourself how it can benefit others.
  2. Your Ability – Learn what comes easy to you and focus on developing these skills.  You are more likely to stay engaged in areas where you are gifted.
  3. Your Capacity – More on this later this week, but suffice it to say that we all have limits.  Learn to understand your leadership rhythm and keep things in balance.  This one takes constant readjustment.
  4. Your Audience – If you are a good leader, you understand that your message is not just about you.  It was given to you to be given to others.  Reminding yourself that others will benefit from your focus will keep you focused.

Know your message, hone your skills, set some boundaries, and do what you do for others.

A daily one minute review of these four ideas will keep you at the top of your game.



Which one of the four is the biggest struggle for you?