October. The very word brings to mind one thing (and it has nothing to do with candy). No, it’s baseball.

This week I am using my time to encourage leaders in an unlikely place … a baseball instructional league. While the MLB playoffs are taking place on the big stage, I’m hanging out with a group of first year hopefuls down in sunny Florida.

Instructional League

The thing that has captured my attention as I have spent time with world class coaches for the past couple of days is their relentless commitment to foster a championship culture among the recruits.

If you listen to the media you will be convinced the key to winning a championship is to fill your roster with high paid superstars. You would be wrong.

Stars rarely win championships, healthy cultures usually do.

In baseball, Buster Posey is the only player in either league to win an MVP and a World Series during the same season in over 25 years. Why? Because stars don’t win championships, cultures do.

Can you say San Antonio Spurs?

Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or business, those who create the strongest, most healthy, culture gain a tremendous competitive advantage.

How much time do and your team spend working on your culture, revisiting the vision, values, and strategy? If you focus more on results than you do your culture, don’t expect to like where you end up. You are headed for mediocrity.

Remember, teams don’t drift their way to championship results. They build a winning culture and then protect it.

Is it time to create an instructional league for your team?

Leadership Begins at Home,


In your opinion, what organization has a great culture?

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