Strong at the Broken Places

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” Old Ernie must have known my daughter Katherine was on the way.

Katherine has a history of wrist problems. She has broken each one twice. The interesting thing is, each break has been in a different place on her arm.

If you know anything about bones, then you know that when a break takes place, a rapid mineralization takes happens at the site of the fracture to bring about healing.

Lead long enough, and eventually you will be broken. But let me remind you that your failures don’t have to define you.

A mistakes has a way of making you tougher. What if you saw your setback as an opportunity to make a comeback?

You will find yourself in the proverbial cast at some point. But take heart . . . It rarely happens in the same bone twice.



Do you think a mistake can actually strengthen a





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Todd Hendrix

9 years ago

If a leader is open and receptive then he/she can learn from any situation whether positive or negative (i.e. all information is useful). The intent behind the mistake (good or malicious intent), however, will most determine if the leader will be able to continue in the leadership position (though they will learn either way).


9 years ago

Good point Todd! Thanks


9 years ago

Undoubtedly…as a leader and as a human being. My healed wounds are some of God’s greatest gifts. They’ve made me (and will hopefully continue to make me) a healthier and more whole person. The breaks hurt. But – what’s the cliché?- the pain never seems to be wasted.


9 years ago

Great comment Molly. Thanks!

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