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I have never been the guy who starts a post by saying, “It has been several months since my last post.” But truthfully, it has been a while since i wrote a blog. After several years of posting almost daily, I needed a break to evaluate the rhythm of my writing and content delivery. Hopefully you have benefited from the weekly video posts we have produced.
Today, as I re-enter, I want to take a moment and address one of the biggest issues organizations are facing as they seek to create greater results. The issue? TALENT … and more specifically, “Is there a differentiator between what attracts top talent and typical talent?”
During my blogging break I haven’t been off on an island being lazy. Actually, I have joined with my friend Mark Miller to work on this topic. Mark’s newest book, Talent Magnet is releasing this week. I encourage you to pick up a copy for you and everyone on your leadership team. Here is a special offer. If you purchase a copy of the book using this link, you will receive 5 free copies of the Talent Magnet Quick Start Guide Mark and I wrote together.
I will say more about our findings in the coming days, but in the mean time, if you are struggling to find great people, Talent Magnet is the resource you need.


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