Tech Time

Yesterday we were reminded to keep our focus on people instead of technology.  That doesn’t mean we should ignore technology.

Technology is a great tool to help us link to people.  It gives us faster access, broader connections, and a way to maintain vital relationships.  But it is just a tool.

You might say technology is the means, while people are the end.  The challenge is to keep the two in the right order.

With that said, I encourage you to explore technology.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  For some that might be a Facebook account, for others a Twitter feed (send me your link & follow me @, and some should start with learning how to send and receive a text message (If that is you, please don’t admit it).

A basic understanding and use of technology keeps a leader relevant.  Many of the people I follow on Twitter are younger leaders.  I have no interest in growing old and missing out on the leadership conversation of the next generation.  Technology is a great bridge to your legacy.

2 Warnings:  

  1. Technology is a black hole.  You will never master it all.  Don’t try.  I don’t have Facebook and it hasn’t caused the world to stop.
  2. Technology has the potential to be a time waster.  You can spend hours disengaged from others, staring at a screen if you are not careful.  Set limits on your use of computers, social media, etc…  Control it or it will control you.

If you want to take your leadership to a more relational and relevant level, it might be time for you to utilize technology.

Just don’t miss the point.  Leadership is about relationships!





What are your thoughts on the use of technology in the life of a leader?

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Chris Patton

10 years ago

For me, starting a blog was a step into something new! I am still trying to figure out some of the more technical aspects of this, but I will get there!
I think leaders must keep the understanding, as you mentioned, that technology is a tool. It is only a tool. Our mission is still to impact others for eternity, pointing them to God. If technology will help (and it will), then we need to embrace it in that way.
But as you also said…be warned! A and B are so true!


10 years ago

Thanks for the thoughts Chris. Right on point as always!


10 years ago

When my mom first started using computers she was afraid she would break it. I told her not to worry. There isn’t anything that she could do that my oldest brother or I couldn’t fix. Slowly she has overcome her fear of technology. She is now on facebook…
I do agree though that if we are not careful we can get sucked into that black hole you mentioned. Without realizing it I can spend four or five hours at a time on the computer. It might be working on a website or just a rare moment when I can play a game…
I pray that God will help us all keep our focus where it needs to be. Its all about love and relationships…


10 years ago

So true Jason. My mom now has a MAC! Who would have believed it?

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