The past couple of days I was out of town working on a writing project.

While it was good to be away, I must admit, it was even better to get back home.

It doesn’t take a wizard to recognize the power in the words, “There’s no place like home.” However, there are many leaders who seem to forget the significance of this statement.

I see too many men and women who are more excited about being away than they are with being at home.  The temptation for leaders can be to spend extra time at the office where they feel important rather than focusing on what is most important at home.

A leader’s influence is severely damaged if his relationships at home are broken or frayed.

I hope you are paying attention to the people that matter most this holiday season.  You only have one shot at being an authentic leader at home.  Days go by faster than you think.  Don’t miss a moment.

Someone needs for you to be home for the holidays.







adapted from 9.15.11 post