The Art of Leadership

Monday night I attended my daughter Katherine’s AP art show. I was blown away by her creativity. I know I’m biased, but her work was amazing!


It was interesting to feel her energy as she explained to me each of her seventeen 3d pieces. Just sixteen hours earlier her energy was different. It was midnight and she was cramming for an important Economics test. Katherine will not be an economist.

As a father I could not care any less about her economics grade. I haven’t asked her about it all year. I have asked her about her art class. I even volunteered to assist her with a project a few weeks ago. I’ve watched, cheered for, and encouraged her almost daily as she has put in hundreds of hours cutting out letters, building mailboxes out of book pages, and repurposing old hardbacks.

[Tweet “Expecting a person to care about things they don’t care about is careless. #strengths “]

[Tweet “Strengths are discovered by paying attention and through meaningful conversations. #leadership “]

When you think about those you lead, have you spent time talking with them about their interests, dreams, and passions? I hope so. Chances are you fall into the trap of expecting everyone to be excited by the things that excite you. Resist. Part of the art of leadership is encouraging people to follow their area of passion.

Who do you need to have a strength conversation with before the end of the week?


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