Today I want to introduce you to an avid reader of the i2i blogs.  My twelve year old daughter Katherine.  You may remember her from “16 Seconds of Disaster” fame (still my most popular post ever).  She also frequently posts comments on this site.

Katherine is an aspiring writer.  She “pours” (see yesterday) every day.  Writing poetry, plays, short stories, and special notes are all ways that Katherine ships.  Seth Godin would be proud of her.  She is a Linchpin in every sense of the word.

One of her dreams is to be a published author.  Today her dream comes true.  She has been giddy all week knowing that she would be the first ever i2i guest blogger.

Katherine has written a poem to cap off coffee week.  More leadership on Monday, but today the focus is art.


Coffee Pot

by Katherine Gravitt (age 12)

Coffee Pot sits on the counter,

Catching no one’s eye.

He sits and sits,

Waits and waits,

Yet no one comes by.

The next day he is used.

His owner begins with beans.

He coughs and coughs,

Sneezes and sneezes,

Coffee Pot is sick it seems.

The owner gets mad and yells,

“Why don’t you ever work!”

Coffee Pot cries and cries,

Sniffles and sniffles,

“Because something has gone berserk!”

“Don’t blame me!” Coffee Pot says,

“Its not my fault I’m sick!”

The owner yells and yells,

Screams and screams,

“You make me coffee or I’ll be ticked!”

“Clean me out!” Coffee Pot says,

“Don’t you see my filter is full!”

The owner laughs and laughs,

Chuckles and chuckles,

But refuses, stubborn as a mule.

Then something happens.

Coffee Pot tries to grind.

He huffs and huffs,

Puffs and puffs,

His filter starts to unbind.

Then Coffee Pot announces,

“Hey! . . . I feel well!”

He grinds and grinds,

Drips and drips . . .

Don’t you just love that coffee smell?




Who is your favorite poet?  I think you know mine.