The Ebbs and Flows of Leadership

Monday. Every week it represents the beginning of a new opportunity. 

Like the tide, Monday’s keep coming. 


This particular Monday I find it hard to concentrate. Yesterday morning I was sitting on a beach when the sun came up. Today, I am back home ready to start a full week of encouraging leaders. I’m thinking about a new season. No, not football season, although I’m ready for the kickoff. 

This morning I’m thinking about Fall. Beach trips are over, Summer has unofficially ended, and it’s time for the kids to go back to school. Today our youngest begins her senior year while my wife who has taught for the past 20  is not going back … ready for a new season. Just as the leaves will change in a few weeks, the season of life is shifting before our very eyes.

 Not to mix metaphors, but whether you pick the leaves or the waves, the ebbs and flows of life and leadership are endless. 

The question I’m wrestling with today is, how does a leader stay fresh and excited in the midst of the changing tides?

  • Play – we were not made to work endlessly and aimlessly. Play is not limited to preschoolers. It is one of the most powerful things we can do to keep ourselves engaged. This summer, I spent several weeks playing. Doing so, has me fresh and ready to go as I enter the final five months of the year. Are you feeling fresh, or are you about to fizzle? A play date is a great way to hold back the tide. 
  • Pray – the act of prayer reminds me that there is a God who is sovereignly present in my life. It is not my job to control the tide. As A person of faith I can rest in the fact that ultimately God is in control. He is the one who leads me, encourages me, and gives me opportunities to add value to others, when and where I am needed. Rather than being overwhelmed, prayer allows me to declare my dependence upon Him. It might be the most important thing I do as a leader.
  • Stay – the word stay challenges me to remain grounded … to be where I am. Every week can’t be beach week. This week I have several events scheduled with leaders, a couple of flights, blogs to write, and a major project. Truthfully, it would be easy to dwell on last week. But that would be wrong. The right thing is to be where I am.

If today finds you exhausted, disillusioned, or disengaged, I suggest you make time this week to play, pray, and stay. These three are helping me to survive the tide. I predict they will do the same for you.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What other habits can a leader use to survive the ebbs and flows of life and leadership?

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Ray Green

6 years ago

I like your Play, Pray & Stay big Three! My bride is a coach like yourself and I imagine as the process of doing what you do drives you daily these 3 keep you sane! Lol…Thanks for the “coaching” & encouragement.


6 years ago

Yes sir. Thanks, Ray!

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