The Most Important Thing You Can do for Your Health

The most important thing you can do for your health is exercise. (tweet)

Don’t believe me? Take 9 minutes and watch the following video lecture and see if you are not convinced.

Exercise does not have to be hard. Walking qualifies. But it will take some time and effort.

I know so many leaders who try to make themselves fit to lead by reading books, attending conferences, and listening to other leaders. While all of those things are important, none of them can take the place of exercise. The fact is, if you want to be fit to lead, you need to be physically “fit.”

I challenge you to build a regular exercise routine into your life. Today is the day to start.

Leadership Begins at Home,


How often do you exercise & what is your favorite routine?

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Angela Ward

7 years ago

2 1/2 years ago I decided to change my life and lose weight and get healthy. I needed to lose 50 pounds. I was never a runner, but in my younger days I was a gymnast, cheerleader and tennis player. I wanted to be a runner, so I started out slow and built up to 3 miles. It took me a while to get there, but I did it. I also started drinking a protein shake with coconut milk twice a day, ate healthy snacks and healthy meals in the evenings. The pounds started to come off and I felt better. I continued this pattern for well over 2 years and I lost my 50 pounds and have kept them off. I have started having knee pain and when checked I have thin cartledge on the inner side of knee cap. My doctor told me I could no longer run. My heart was broken and I haven’t found my knew exercise. Thanks for the motivation to just get moving. I will never go back to the plus 50 pounds, but I don’t even want the plus 5 I am carrying since I stopped running. I’m going to the gym today! Thanks again!


7 years ago

Awesome, Angela! That fires me up!

Jim Lewis

7 years ago

Hi Randy . . . Wow!
Thank you!!
As a leader of my business, church and other endeavors – my life is busy with many things.
I have fallen off the exercise routine over the past 2 years and this video has opened my eyes again to the importance of setting time to exercise.
It is said that once you know the reward . . .
. . . the reward serves as the ‘cue and routine’ modes to get the reward actionn started.
Thank you for letting me see ‘the reward’ again . . . I want to see my grandchildren grow up!


7 years ago

That’s great, Jim. Get after it!

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