The Mundane Middle

Everyone loves a good start and few things are as much fun as a finish, but what about the mundane middle?

No one can sleep on the eve of the first day of school. Toe the line for the start of a race and the excitement drips. The first tee of a golf course always brings promise.

The same is true for endings.

The finish line of a marathon is one of the most satisfying places on the planet. Graduation day never arrives soon enough. The last five minutes of a good movie can be riveting.

But oh how we dread the in between times. Middles are made up of mostly ordinary stuff. Average days, unmemorable moments, and unexciting monotony. No one loses sleep or experiences anticipation over the stuff in the middle. Look up mundane in a dictionary and, rather than keeping you awake, the definition might actually send you to nap time – it means, lacking interest or excitement; dull.

However, if you want to be a great leader, may I remind you that the middle matters. Legacies are built by those who consistently show up, recognizing there are no average days, only opportunities to be appreciated.

Perhaps you will start something new today or a finish is on your horizon. True or not, today is all you have. So if mundane middle stuff is on your schedule, please give it your very best focus … a legacy is on the line.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What do great leaders do differently from average ones when it comes to the mundane?

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Coach Brown

8 years ago

What separates leaders from followers, achievers from doers – is the mundane. People who accept their inabilities get swallowed up by the mundane. They dread the start of any race because reaching the middle is the best they will ever achieve before their inabilities overwhelm them. The finish line is but a relief from the frustration of being unable to overcome the mundane of the middle. However, the leader has a heart for each new race. He or she excels through the crowds caught up the mundane middle. They race to the front and and encourage others to follow. When they finish and they always finish, they wait to welcome and congratulate the others. The fact is the genuine leader over comes the mundane by leaving the mundane middle behind. The leader may not always finish first but he always finishes strong ahead of those who settle for the mundane. Thought: Jesus is never referred to as running anywhere but he always was leading and encouraging those to leave behind the fears of the mundane crowd. Are you drawn to the mundane or is the mundane drawn to you? That may be the most significant difference of being a leader or a follower!


8 years ago

Sounds like a blogpost Coach. Thanks for commenting!

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