In an interesting study conducted by Professor Victoria Medvec, of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, we see the power of perspective.

Medvec’s research focused on the happiness of Olympic medal winners at the 1992 Barcelona games, specifically silver and bronze medalists.

You would think the silver medalists would be much happier than those who won bronze. However, the study showed the opposite was true. The bronze medalists were actually happier than those who won silver.


Well, it seems the winners of silver were more focused on the fact that they did not win gold (disappointment), while the bronze medalists were focused on how close they were to not winning any medal at all (relief).

As leaders it is easy to fall into the trap that results will make us happy. That is a lie. If it were true, silver medalists would always be happier than bronze medalists because their results are always better.

The point is, your happiness has less to do with your circumstances (results included) than it has to do with your perspective.

If you want to take your leadership to the next level, may I suggest you start with your attitude? By focusing on being grateful and realizing how much better you have it than you really deserve, you set yourself up for happiness.

Attitude really is everything. Set your sights on improving yours, and don’t be surprised if your results improve too.

Leadership Begins at Home,


How have you seen the power of a positive attitude make a difference in your own leadership circles?

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