The Practice of Possibility

I’m currently reading “The Art of Possibility” by Roz and Benjamin Zander.
In the book the Zanders identify several practices designed to bring about change in one’s personal and professional life.
One of the things I love about the book is that the Harvard Business School asked a couple of artists to write a book for business leaders. Talk about pushing the possibility lever.
If today finds you facing a challenge you have a choice. To quote the Zanders … “In the face of difficulty, we can despair, get angry … or choose possibility.
Let’s assume you choose possibility. If you’re like me it will not come easy. You will most likely need to practice because our default mode is usually anger or despair.
Spend time today using your imagination. Make a list of a few possibilities and then take a step toward one of them. Here are a couple of questions to help you think.

  • What would I do to achieve the same results if I could only work half the number of hours I typically work?
  • How would I attempt to achieve the same results if my current budget were cut in half?
  • If I could add 3 new positions to my staff what would they be?
  • What three team members in my organization could be developed into leaders?

Possibility is a really powerful concept. For a leader it is the difference between what is and what can be. If you’ll spend time practicing possibility thinking it will propel you from here to there.
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Leadership Begins at Home,
What question would you add to the above list & why do you think possibility is such a powerful idea for a leader?
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Chris Patton

6 years ago

I recently heard the following powerful question that I believe fits here:
“What would I do if I were brave?”
Thanks for another great post!


6 years ago

Great question, Chris. Thanks!

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