The Priority of Learning

American Librarian, John Cotton Dana (1856–1929) wrote, “Those who teach must never cease to learn.” 

To be an effective leader, you will be required to teach. Whether your classroom is one or thousands, the important thing is that you have something to say.

As you begin a new week of leadership, do you have some time set aside for learning? If not, it probably won’t happen. Make learning your highest priority this week and you will be a better leader.

“How?” you ask? Rather than giving you a hand full of ways you can learn, let’s go interactive and see if we can generate a list together.

In the comment section below, share the best thing you have learned over the past month or make a list of some of the ways leaders need to be learners. Any recommended books, podcasts, blogs, etc . . . ?

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Chris Patton

9 years ago

Randy, there are so many learning opportunities available to leaders today because of technology!  We truly are fortunate to have it as easy as we do when it comes to this.
For me, one of the easiest is to keep an iPod in my truck for those two or three times per month I drive to Atlanta (1 hr).  I have a long list of podcasts and sermons loaded on the iPod and I have scheduled them out on my calendar.  When the day comes for me to go to Atlanta, my phone calendar has a pop-up that tells me, “Listen to….”  The same thing happens when I am about to head home at the end of the day.
I have a goal of listening to 50 hours of material in 2012.  I am a little behind the pace, but I will catch up.  Like you said, I cannot teach if I am not learning!


9 years ago

Great idea CP & a good use of commute time. Thanks for adding to the list!

J Lee

9 years ago

The book, Mindset, by Carol Dweck, discusses the importance of having a “growth mindset” and learning from mistakes and failures. The book also talks about reminding children (and adults for that matter) that effort is more important than intelligence.


9 years ago

Thanks for passing that along. Have not read that one. I love the phrase “effort is more important than intelligence.” Great comment!

Ryan Gravitt

9 years ago

You can learn from failure and learn from achievement but you can’t learn by doing nothing at all. Don’t sit around in fear, get out and learn.
Book: Anything written by John Maxwell.


9 years ago

Thanks bro!

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