The Secret of Teams

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to be involved in many different projects with my work as a leadership speaker and coach. Few, if any, were more fun than shooting a video series on high performance teams in my favorite major league ballpark in Pittsburgh.

A while back, leadership expert, Mark Miller asked me to help him with the question, “Why do some teams flourish while others flounder?” After months of collaboration we produced a video series to answer the question and encourage teams in every arena. From corporations, small businesses, sports franchises, schools, non-profits, and everything in between, we designed The Secret of Teams Video Series to serve as your coach as you lead your team toward high performance.

Along with the ballpark, Mark and I spent several days in a studio in Atlanta producing the content. At last, The Secret of Teams Video Series is ready, unpacking the insights from decades of work and learnings Mark and I have gathered. Here is a sneak peek into the content …

[vimeo id=”121184436″]

The video series is meant to be a companion to the book, The Secret Of Teams and The Secret Of Teams Field Guide, although it can certainly be used as a stand alone resource. The video contains 15 individual segments and contains over 2-hours of content filled with best practices, exercises, and ideas to jumpstart your team.

If you’re ready to take YOUR team to championship results, click here to order your copy today!

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Who is your favorite high performance team?

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