The Thursday Three … Volume 2

Last week I posted my first ever Thursday Three (3 things I hoped would add value to leaders). Several of you reached out and encouraged me to continue. So here is this week’s edition.

  • The Long Live Mom Campaign. In honor of Mother’s Day, my friend Justin Miller and his team are doing something big. Their non-profit, Care for Aids, funds centers to help care for families in Kenya affected by HIV. Visit the Long Live Mom campaign at and make a donation in honor of your own mom. Your gift will go toward orphan prevention.
  • The Yes-Face. The best thing I read all week was a devotion by Dan Britton, the FCA’s Executive Vice President of International Ministry. Click here to read, The Yes-Face. It is well worth your time. I’m working hard to have a Yes-Face. I hope you will too.
  • A Curious Mind by Brian Grazer. Full disclosure – I have not started Grazer’s book yet. I received it a couple of days ago and it is my next read. I have flipped through it and I’m excited about how the book is going to make me think. Grazer says things like:
    • “Tapping into your curiosity is the key to achieving your dream.”
    • “WE ARE ALL TRAPPED in our own way of thinking, trapped in our own way of relating to people. We get so used to seeing the world our way that we come to think that the world is the way we see it.”
    • “You can’t search for the answer to questions that haven’t been asked yet. And you can’t Google a new idea. The Internet can only tell us what we already know.”

I’m really looking forward to reading A Curious Mind. If you’re looking to work on your creativity, innovation, or thinking let’s read it together.
Feel free to comment below on anything you believe will help leaders and let’s keep growing. Remember, your capacity to grow determines your capacity to lead.
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Have a blessed weekend!
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