There is Nothing Good about Goodbye, Version 3

Last night I attended a soccer match to watch my daughter, Rebekah, play one of the first games of her college career. Talk about mixed emotions …

RGI came away reminded of something I have been saying for the past couple of years … There is nothing good about goodbye. And no, the third time is not the charm.

In case you missed my previous rants, I encourage you to read There is Nothing Good About Goodbye, Version One, about Rebekah’s oldest sister, and There is Nothing Good about Goodbye, 2.0, the account of the last time my heart was broken.

There is no other way to say it; watching these women leave home is brutal! 

Like her sisters, Rebekah has indelibly marked my life. Dropping her off for college a few weeks ago was like losing my left arm … And I’m left handed.

I remember the day when she was a toddler and I was supposed to be watching her on a Florida boardwalk, only to turn my head allowing her to vanish. A desperate minute later I found her kicked back in a deck chair taking in the stunning view of the Gulf. 


I remember hundreds of bedtime stories, countless soccer practices, all the amazing hat tricks, and fascinating adventures around the world.

I remember thousands of family dinners, vacations, conversations, graduations, and so many awesome hugs. Now, it feels like it is all gone, and I don’t like it.

But I have no regrets. I’m glad I spent the last 18 years showing up and being her Daddy.

Truthfully, I raised her to release her. This is the way it is supposed to be. I’ve survived it twice, and I will survive it again.

As for you, if you have kids, may I remind you goodbye is coming like a freight train. One day the apple of your eye will need training wheels. The next thing you know a bill for the cap and gown will show up in the mail and it will be time for goodbye. (TWEET)

While you shouldn’t expect the goodbye to be good, it can be more tolerable if you will make the most of the moments you have left. Squeeze every drop out of every day and create as many memories as you possibly can. Those memories will ultimately cushion the blow when it is time to let go.

Remember … leadership truly does begin at home.

May God Bless Your Family,


What is your #1 family priority for the coming week?

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7 years ago

I lost my son in Sears tool section once for about 30 seconds. Talk about terrifying.
I dread the day he moves out. About four years left.
The campouts, canoe trips and other activities have been great but the concern will remain. I can only hope that I prepare him well. He belongs to God (not me)


7 years ago

Make the most of those 4 years & thanks for the comment Richard!


7 years ago

Somehow there is indeed comfort in hearing from another man who knows that we raise them to release them, but we don’t have to like it. Time is a hideous thing when it is counted outside of the presence of our children. But eventually it will reveal many wonderful impacts that our treasured children have made on this world. We may look at that and be thankful in a true sense, but don’t ask me to say there is a tipping of the balance for the days we shared in the same house. Call me possessive. It is for sure true of me and my Father in heaven.


7 years ago

Thanks for commenting, Mark … Have a great week!

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