Three BE's to Help You Seek Feedback

This week we have been looking at the importance of seeking input as a leader. Yesterday, I introduced what I call the ABC’s of feedback, giving you The A’s. Today, let’s look at three BE’s.
1. BE Vulnerable. There is a reason so few leaders seek feedback. It is often hard to hear the truth. Many leaders spend so much time and energy managing a persona of perfection. The fact is, there are no perfect leaders. We are all limited, with faults and flaws. Great leaders are ones who are willing to be vulnerable and admit they have room to grow. If you really want to make progress, refuse to pretend you have arrived. Your vulnerability will foster a culture of growth.
2. BE Open. While vulnerability is an attitude of the heart, openness makes it public. Don’t just think you have room to grow, admit it to those around you. There is a reason self-deprecating humor is so powerful. It is an indicator that a person is not taking himself too seriously. Openness has the same affect on an organization. When a leader admits weakness and a desire to improve, again, a tone is set that helps shape a culture of excellence.
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3. BE Courageous. Leaders who seek feedback can make tremendous gains in their performance if they possess courage. Courage is required for anyone who desires to give up an ingrained habit or behavior. It is the mark of a self-leader … one who is willing to blaze a trail into a better future. The one who neglects feedback is in essence admitting cowardice to those around him.
If vulnerability is the attitude, and openness the admission, then courage is the thing that leads to action. Leaders who model growth are always vulnerable, open, and courageous. Build these three BE’s into your your leadership and you’ll be well on your way to higher performance. Tomorrow I’ll give you the three C’s.
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Which of the three BE’s is most challenging for you?
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