This past weekend I watched some of the NFL playoffs. In the NFC, both underdogs won their games, with the 49ers downing the Saints and the Giants dominating the Packers.
During one of the pre-game shows one of the commentators made a statement about teamwork that I really like. He said, “When a team comes together, they set themselves apart.” That statement almost sounds counterintuitive. Together or apart? Make up your mind.
For a leader the answer is both. If you can lead your team to remove the silos in your organization and to work together, you will distinguish yourselves from your competition.
The 49ers and Giants came together and now they will face each other, with the winner earning a trip to the Super Bowl.
If you find yourself trailing your competition, maybe you have a “divided locker room.” I suggest you spend some time tightening the team. If you will, I predict it will set you apart too.