This is one of those weeks for me.  A marathon week.  But not just any marathon week.  This is an Ultra Marathon Week.

On Saturday I am registered to run my first Ultra (defined as any distance longer than the typical 26.2 mile marathon).  The race I have chosen is the North Face Endurance Challenge for the Southeast Region.  50 kilometers of potential torture.  For those of you who are not runners or don’t live in England, a 50k is 31 miles.

The race will be run over single track trails in the FDR State Park in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  There will be over 6,000 feet of elevation change during the race.  I know no one who is signed up for the event.  No wing man.  No prior experience at this distance.  No roads.  No way out.

Training for this thing has meant a lot of lonely off days logging an insane number of miles.  I have been called crazy more than once.  I have even wondered if I am stable myself.

The whole experience has shown me that there are four things required for anyone who wants to achieve anything worth achieving.  It matters not whether it is running an Ultra or building a great company.  Having a strong family or learning a new discipline.  All four are needed.

The rest of the week I will share them with you.  Today we begin with perhaps the hardest of the four . . .

Sign Up

The truth is, I have been wanting to do an Ultra for the past couple of years.  The reason I haven’t?  I have never signed up for one.

I find it is easy to talk about races I want to do, books I want to write, places I want to travel, the list goes on and on.

But until I actually sign up, my dreams are just dreams.  There is something about filling out the form and paying the entry fee that puts it all on the line for me.

My hunch is there is something you need to sign up for.  It might not be a race, but there is something you have been considering, and yet it still remains only a dream.  A race, a book, a blog, a trip, a language, a job change?  I dare you to sign up.  Double dog dare!

It remains to be seen whether I can pull this off or not.  I can tell you this though.  If I had never signed up I would have had no chance to accomplish my dream.

If you want to accomplish something that is on your “Ultra” list, you must sign up.





What do you need to “sign up” for over the next few weeks?

 For more information on The North Face Endurance Challenge visit