48 hours now and counting until the 7:00 AM start of the North Face Endurance Challenge.  However, the “challenge” probably won’t show up until about the half way point, a few hours in to the race.

That is when I will be required to apply Ultra lesson #3 . . .

Hold Up

Let’s be honest.  The past couple of lessons, to sign up and to show up, may be half the battle, but they are not the hard half.  In fact, they don’t even compare to the “holding up” that will be required.

Having completed 5 road marathons, I can tell you that there will be several moments (possibly even miles) that will put my resolve to the test.  There is a very real “wall” that distance runners hit and there is nothing glamorous or easy about it.

I have discovered that leadership can be a lot like a marathon.  Full of bad patches, drained energy, doubt, fear, and even despair.  All of those feelings cause leaders to do one of two things . . . “Give Up” or “Hold Up.”

How much does it take to make you give up?  To surrender your dream?  To let go of your vision?

If you find yourself at a place where your leadership is being pushed to the limits, let me encourage you to “hold up.”

After years of running I am convinced that the pain of endurance is less than the pain of regret.  The same can be said for leadership.

If you want to leave a leadership legacy, there is no way around it, you have to “hold up.”





Why do you think so many people are quick to “give up?”