Over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to be on three different college campuses. Each place I visited had one thing in common. They were all under construction.

The renovations caught me a bit off guard. Having been on each of the campuses before, I expected them to be pristine and neat, especially considering the recent graduation season.

One other thing I noticed at each place was the small number of students. It quickly hit me that each of the campuses is focused on taking advantage of their downtime to make some improvements. One other note – the three colleges have no ties to each other. In fact, they are all three in different states, and I’m assuming their presidents didn’t check with each other to see if this would be a good time to remodel.

So, why would three campuses that were adequate to educate students a month ago decide to make changes before August? Because they are led by someone who has a vision for a preferred future.

As a leader, if you want to make progress and see things go to another level, it is imperative that you recognize the rhythm of your year and take advantage of your down time for more than just rest. Your down time is also a great time to do some renovating.

The reality is, if you continue at your current pace, refusing to take time to be creative and to work on the development side of your work, it is unlikely things will change over the next year.

Your systems and structures are dated and will eventually run their course. They must be reworked if you are to remain relevant.

With summer upon us, I encourage you to put your “leadership campus” under construction. You can do this by carving out consistent time each week during June and July to rework your habits, systems, and to even evaluate and reorganize your team. You might also consider an extended 2-3 day retreat for personal reflection and evaluation. The point is, don’t be afraid to put something on hold, especially if remodeling it has the potential to lead to greater results.

My wife and I recently remodeled a couple of rooms in the home we have lived in for the last decade. Tomorrow I will tell you what I learned and what you can expect if you decide to put your leadership under construction. Until then, open up your calendar and schedule your summer take it to the next level construction project. Your leadership needs it, and I’m guessing your students do too.

Leadership begins at home, 


What is one thing in your life you need to renovate over the next 60 days?

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