Yesterday I read a quote and a question from leadership expert, Bobb Biehl.  He wrote, “A visible gift typically returns to you a ‘Thank you!’  An anonymous gift typically returns to you a lifetime of pleasant heart-hidden memories.  Which would you actually prefer?”

His quote challenged me to do some soul searching.  If I am being honest, too often I lean toward visible leadership instead of invisible.  Most leaders do.  I don’t want to be that way though.

I fundamentally believe that the best leaders are the ones who lead out of love and not out of a need to be admired.  Genuine i2i leadership is not about ego, it is about letting go.  Of self, that is.

Maybe today would be a good time to give a secret gift to someone who needs a boost.

Don’t be surprised if you are the one who receives the real gift.  It is called lasting satisfaction and it can only be found when you go undercover.



What are some ways a leader can give anonymously?