If you are serious about change, maybe its time for you to make urgency your friend.

Urgency and change go hand in hand. Unfortunately, most leaders (and people for that matter) view urgency as a bad word. They see urgency as, “I’m in a hurry. My schedule is slammed. Busy, busy, busy. Rush, rush, rush. Always on the go.”

What if you flipped the script and viewed urgency as your friend? … A weapon to help you move the needle toward change.

In his book, A Sense of Urgency, Harvard Business School professor John Kotter hints at this idea when he writes, “True urgency is driven by a deep determination to win, not anxiety about losing. With an attitude of true urgency, you try to accomplish something important each day, never leaving yourself with a heart-attack-producing task of running one thousand miles in the last week of the race.”

Time for a change? If so, add positive urgency to your arsenal and do something important … TODAY!



Why do you think leaders resist change?