Keeping your nose out of other people’s business does not mean that you should abdicate your authority to lead.  It just means you have stopped meddling as we discussed yesterday.

Yet often times I see leaders who are so hands off that they breed a lazy atmosphere among their followers.

Great leadership flows out of great relationship.  Trust is vital.  That’s the “not meddling” part.  However, accountability is just as important.

Unless you are willing to hold people to a set of clearly defined expectations, don’t “expect” much.

People don’t mind expectations, but they can’t stand it when the expectations are unclear.

As the leader your job is to define the mission, systems, and structure of the organization.  Then recruit the right team, communicate the mission, shape the systems and structure, and turn them loose.

Leadership is a high wire act in that it requires balance.  Learn to compensate between ‘hands off’ and ‘accountability’ and you will be on your way to greater influence.



Why do you think leaders are hesitant to define clear expectations for followers and what are the results?