Noise can be the enemy of a leader. Opinions of followers, critics, and other leaders can be helpful, but they can also represent “white noise.”

At some point a leader must be dialed in to his own convictions and values.

Have you ever tried to listen to a radio station at 98.5 with the tuner set to 98.3? Sure, you can still pick up on what is happening on 98.5, but only partially. Failure to be totally “dialed in” leads to white noise.

For leaders, there are many things that cause white noise. Consider the following:

1. Listening to too many voices. While it is good to have a trusted inner circle, listening to too many people can lead to static.

2. Fear. Many leaders are paralyzed and unable to make a decision because they are afraid they will make a mistake.

3. Success. Past success can cause a leader to be over confident. Such hubris can cause one to not be fully tuned in.

4. Failure. Past mistakes can lead to a lack of confidence. Doubt creeps in and white noise ensues.

If you want to be a great leader, you must learn to eliminate “white noise.” Take some time today and dial in to your presets. Things will be a lot more clear if you do.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What are some things that bring “white noise” into your leadership environment?