N.B.A. superstar Carmello Anthony is an interesting case study. Last night’s game between the N.Y. Knicks and the Indiana Pacers came down to the wire, with Anthony’s Knicks losing in overtime, 103-96. Mello missed a shot at the buzzer that would have won the game in regulation. Did I mention the Knicks led by 3 with five seconds to play in the fourth quarter?

As I have watched Anthony through the years I have been reminded that you don’t build winning organizations with superstars. The Knicks are mediocre at best, while Anthony’s old team, the Denver Nuggets has actually improved since he headed for the Big Apple.

No one would dispute that Anthony is one of the greatest scorers on the planet. He netted 30 in last night’s game. But the goal of professional basketball is not to score points. It is to win championships.

For leaders, the temptation is to look for flashy superstars, believing they are the answer. Many times we allow them to

live to different standards, sacrificing chemistry and, ultimately, results.

If you ask me, genuine superstars make everyone around them better. It is never about them. It is about the team. They think “We,” not “Me.”

When you look at your team, what do you see? We’s, or Me’s?

If you want to build a championship culture, you better make sure your superstars have more We.

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What is the number one thing you look for in a team member?

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