What are You Trying to Build?

I love teams. I cannot remember a time when I was not a part of a group of people trying to accomplish something bigger than ourselves. From my 5 year old tee ball team, to my current staff, and hundreds of teams in between, being a part of a “we” has always been better than “me.”
Over the past few years I have been captured by the question, why do some teams flounder while others flourish?
For the next several weeks I’m going to use Fridays to share with you what we believe to be the secret of high performance teams.
It starts by knowing what you are trying to accomplish and then defining what kind of team you need to build. Check out the intro video below and ask yourself, “What are we trying to build?”

If you need help building a high performance team I encourage you to check out the video series by visiting the following link.


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Nick Bradac

4 years ago

Excellent foundation for building a team – knowing what you are trying to build. Thanks for going over the fundamentals like this. They are great reminders for me, and I am sure for many others.

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