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This week has been a whirlwind with the launch of UNSTUCK. All I can say is thank you for your help in spreading the word. You have bought books, posted on social media, and so many of you have reached out to encourage me. I’m truly grateful!
UNSTUCK has remained in the top 5 hot new releases for jobs and career on Amazon all week.Thank you for allowing me to use this platform to talk about it. Today is the last day I will officially promote the book here on the blog. In fact, for the next couple of weeks I will be taking a bit of a spring break. My next post will be mid April.
In the mean time, if you know someone who has lost their passion for work, or who is upside down in a relationship at home, please keep spreading the word about UNSTUCK. You can visit theUNSTUCKbook.com for more info. At the bottom of this post you will find the endorsements from the back cover of the book. I hope they will encourage you to pick up a copy if you haven’t already done so. And for those who have, please don’t forget to leave your review on Amazon.
Over the next couple of weeks I encourage you to spend time evaluating the first quarter of your year. The following questions might prove helpful:

  • Are you on target with your goals?
  • Is there a relationship that needs more attention?
  • Are you emotionally charged up or drained?
  • Does your vocation feel meaningful?
  • Are you working in an area where you can utilize your gifts and talents?
  • Do you need to spend some extended time having fun?


Praise for UNSTUCK

“Momentum is a powerful concept in professional sports, but throughout the years there have been times our teams have experienced a slump. Randy and Dan have hit a home run with UNSTUCK. Their principles have helped us sustain a winning culture in the Pirate organization and this book will fuel our momentum in the future. I loved reading it. You will too!”                                                                  
Clint Hurdle 2013 NL Manager of the Year, Pittsburgh Pirates

“UNSTUCK is not for the faint of heart. It is for those that have courage to look in the mirror and ask the tough questions. If you are looking for life-change, then this a must-read book. Buckle up and enjoy the journey.”
Dan Britton VP, FCA International                                                                                               

“Randy Gravitt and Dan Webster are two of my heroes! They have helped me navigate many of life’s ups and downs with grace and purpose. I’m excited they decided to share their wisdom with the rest of the planet in UNSTUCK. If you want to accomplish more than you ever thought possible while protecting what matters most in this life, these guys are your guides!”
Mark Miller VP, High Performance Leadership, bestselling author, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

“Dan and Randy are wise sages who guide you on a personal journey to rediscover your passion, power, and purpose in life. They have done this for me and I am forever grateful. So, if you find yourself living, but not fully alive, let this book breathe new life into your weary soul.”        
Jimmy Page Author and Speaker, One Word that Will Change Your Life
“A practical, inspiring story that brings the reality of where many leaders are in all walks of life. This story helped me to rethink and rediscover what matters most to me in my life’s work. I recommend you read this book and then go through your own Personal Leadership SUMMIT with the authors, it will change you!”
Juan Ortiz VP of National Sales, BluePay                                                                                                                                                                  

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