OK . . . So it should be obvious by now that I believe in our new book, FINDING YOUR WAY.

But don’t take it from my me. Here is what others are saying . . .

“Randy and Dan are leaders – they are communicators and difference makers! Throughout their careers, they have devoted themselves to helping men and women reach their full potential. Finding Your Way is the next step in their widening circle of influence.”

– Mark Miller – VP of Organizational Effectiveness for the Chick-fil-A Corporation & co-author with Ken Blanchard of The Secret

“I read Finding Your Way on my way out to the mountains of Colorado for the AllStar break. When I finished I realized I could have used this book about 35 years ago. A very powerful and insightful read into self discovery, purpose and peace. We’ve all had a crossroads experience, or four, in our lives, and this book meets the challenge head on with four themes for guidance, direction and discovery. The Johnson family is real – as are their family challenges. The help they find along the way in the Clarke family is priceless. The four themes laid out for us in the book give us a road map to follow to find our way when we get ‘a little’ lost.”

– Clint Hurdle – Manager of the Pittsburg Pirates & former World Series Manager of the Colorado Rockies – Major League Baseball

“Everyone, regardless of age or status, wants to know that…their life and contributions to the world matter…” Here is a deeply engaging story told by two authors who, for many years, have helped countless people, young and old, find the sweet spot where their gifts meet the world’s needs. May “Finding Your Way” be read by many people in many stages of life. For individual readers and the communities to which they belong, this is a book that can make a big difference.”

– Parker J. Palmer – author of “Let Your Life Speak,” “The Courage to Teach,” and “Healing the Heart of Democracy”

Finding Your Way is a delightful story filled with profound truths that can actually alter the trajectory of a person’s life. As a mom, leader in the church, and coach of leaders, I highly endorse this incredibly valuable tool. I long for every person I come across to be fully alive, with eyes that shine whenever they get to do what they were born to do. Webster and Gravitt have created a tool that will contribute in remarkable ways to helping people find their pathway in God’s kingdom.”

– Nancy Beach – Author, Creative Consultant

Finding your Way is not just an engaging story, it is a brilliant process that will help you find the work you were born to do…at any age. I’m not only giving this book to college graduates, I’m also giving it to a few fifty year old friends searching for their passion and purpose.”

– Jon Gordon – Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

“Dan and Randy’s approach is incredibly practical and helpful. I followed the steps they laid out in Finding Your Way, and I discovered several new and exciting ideas for my future.”

– Austin Schulenburg – Student

“I am a technology expert professionally, a father of two sons and the leader of a small group of ten high school seniors at my church. I recently completed working through the Finding Your Way process with all ten guys. Dan and Randy’s approach to helping students find their way in life is ingenious. By the final step in the four step process each guy had a great idea of who they are and what could be interesting for them as they continue their schooling. Each of them walked away with confidence about their college and career choice, and were very excited about their future. About half the group changed their original plans to follow what they learned in Finding Your Way. I had a number of the students tell me that this should be taught as a class in High School or at least the Guidance Counselor should be able to walk them through this process.”

– Terry Schulenburg – Technology Expert, Father and Small Group Leader

“Freedom and Confidence are what I felt after working through the Finding Your Way steps. I wish my school counselor knew some of this. I am ready to start working.”

– Andrew Archer – College Freshman

“I have taught at Pennsylvania State University, Benedictine University, the University of Alberta and currently lecture for the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University. I have been involved with students for the last fifteen years as professor and mentor offering advice and support regarding choice of majors and interests. I wish I would have had a resource all these years like “Finding Your Way.” This fable encourages reflection and assessment without categorizing what you could/should do. It also doesn’t declare you “a detailed oriented person” or “a creative.” Rather it empowers the reader to assess themselves AND gives them the tools to do so. There is great value in having a simple and clear organizational structure that is built into a story. I would never hand one of my students a survey or 200 pages if they came to me; but I would hand them this book.”

– Kerrie Aman Carfagno – Boler School of Business, John Carroll University

Finding Your Way does a great job of clearly laying out helpful steps one might use to effectively determine a career path. Definitely a great read for anyone serious about discovering a career path where their gifts and talents will be maximized.”

– Todd Gongwer – author of Lead for God’s Sake

“As a High School Senior, I was able to relate to Mark’s story. I have had these conversations with my parents and had many fights break out because of how differently we look at this process. Finding Your Way helped me better understand who I am and what might be an interesting career choice as I head into College. I am very excited about the adventure ahead, and my parents have a better grasp on what I want to do.”

– Matthew French – High School Senior

“Wow! What can I say about Finding Your Way? Being a career and talent management expert I can say that it is the only book that I am aware of that captures a complex life altering experience with simplicity in an easy to read style. I was hooked by page four as the story reflected how I supported my sophomore college son when ‘we’ selected and mapped his career. I can’t wait to give him this wonderful book that will assist him in not only finding his way, but will create unlimited possibilities and a world of opportunities. Finding Your Way is a must read for career practitioners, and should be a part of every high school reading list and placed in every college career office or provided in student enrollment packets.”

– Indigo Debra Triplett – Author and CEO – Careers In Transition, Inc.

“I have been planning on going to college to be an accountant since I started High School. After following the 4 steps in Finding Your Way, I learned that I would have been very disappointed by taking that step. I have a new outlook for my future.”

– Sean Taylor – High School student 

 “Finding Your Way is a must read for those searching for the right path in life. Age does not matter. Reading this book is like cleaning a mirror. The more you read the clearer the image. This book might be your wake up call to get you re-energized and back into the game. It did me!”

– Ron Wallace – former President of UPS International

 “What do I want to do with my life?” is a question we’ve all pondered at one time or another. If you need help coming up with the answer, you ought to read Finding Your Way. In this engaging parable, you’ll discover four steps that will help you work through this major life decision. No matter what your age, Dan Webster and Randy Gravitt have the know- how—and the heart—to get you moving in the right direction.”

– Ken Blanchard – coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

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Thank you for your support and for believing in the project!