What Seems Senseless Might Not Be … It Could Just Be a Paradox

Leadership is often filled with paradoxes. A paradox is defined as, “A statement or proposition that, despite sound reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.”

The following list of paradoxes was developed by Dale Burke in his book, “Less is More Leadership.” Chew on these today and make adjustments in your leadership, as necessary.

In order to be relevant, stay ancient. 

In order to move forward, connect to the past. 

In order to serve more people, first get away from everyone. 

In order to speed up, first slow down. 

In order to accomplish more, go take a break. 

In order to make a statement, first be quiet and listen. 

In order to get moving, make sure you are well anchored.



Which one of these needs some attention from you this week?

Is there another paradox you would add to Burke’s list?







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Coach Brown

8 years ago

Paradoxes provide ample opportunity to contemplate the conflict to understand the positive truth to be applied. We cannot appreciate the positive action without appreciating the negative action that could conflict with it.


8 years ago

Great point, Coach!

Patricia Freeman Nesberg

8 years ago

Look within to see without.


8 years ago

Good one, Patricia!

Patricia Freeman Nesberg

8 years ago

I think what can be most difficult, is that when I can see to move in that opposite direction, others will misunderstand me. I tend to find myself swimming against the masses at times to plot the course that feels essential. Although I don’t doubt, I do get weary.

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